Customer Service

Shopping with Us

You can order products displayed on this website by adding your prilimary selection to your basket and then sending it us using the on-page instructions.

We will then contact you to confirm your order and pricing.


Our prices are constant but may vary due to booking times and distances to travel etc. When we receive your initial selection, we will contact you to inform you of costs at which time you elect to continue with your purchase.


You can pay by any Visa or MasterCard credit card or by Switch/Maestro, Solo or Delta debit card. To ensure that shopping on-line is secure, your credit/debit details will be encrypted to minimise the possibility of someone being able to read your details as they are sent to us over the Internet. Please note - we don’t accept AMEX or Irish Laser cards

Finally, if you wish, you can also pay directly from your PayPal account. Simply click the "Pay Via Paypal" button the checkout page to be directed to a PayPal login page.

You will only be able to complete your payment when in receipt of an order ID and order password - given to you upon acceptance of your order costs.

Credit Card Security

Secure Credit Card payments are taken by PAYPAL We use the industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption for all our secure servers. When the customer enters your form hosted on our secure server their browser will automatically inform them that encryption is being used. Furthermore, all data stored on the secure server is encrypted again and protected by a firewall, the specification of which has been recognised by all the major banks. Your Customer card details are kept confidential at all times, and none of your orders will be seen by anyone other than you unless you request us to access your account for support reasons. The secure servers are situated on a stand alone private network completely isolated from other networks and connections. They have a single resilient connection to the Internet, which is serviced through dual dedicated ICSA compliant Firewalls. The servers are further secured through “server lock” protection, with all credit card details encrypted through £DES encryption.

Your Safety

Your credit card details are handled by Paypal.. We do not handle your credit card details. After you click on the "Pay" button, you are transferred to our payment gateway at paypal where your payment is processed 100% by them. The secure pages are indicated by: the address in the Address/Location bar changing from "http://" to "https://"; and a padlock symbol (or key) in the bottom right-hand status bar or the top right of the address bar of your web browser.

We will receive instant card clearance/card declined notification, and will confirm your payment..


Upon completion of your payment for your order, we will contact to you confirm your wedding/celebration date and confirm times.


We welcome all feedback about our service and we aim to deal with any problems or difficulties experienced by our customers both quickly and fairly.

If you feel you have a complaint you wish to make please e-mail us at info@firstclasscovers.co.uk .

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